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The North Carolina Coastal Training Program

Promoting informed coastal decisions through science-based training for professionals.

Participants at a Coastal Training Program playing the Watershed Game

Decisions made by coastal communities can have profound, long-term consequences for estuarine and coastal environments. Elected officials, land use planners, regulatory personnel, and coastal managers are key decision-makers who need relevant science-based information, training, and access to emerging technology to make informed decisions regarding our coastal resources.

The North Carolina Coastal Training Program consists of workshops, seminars, distance learning, technology applications, and demonstrations. Opportunities for information exchange, skill training, and networking will improve local understanding of the environmental, social, and economic consequences of human activity along the North Carolina coast.

Assessments of audience needs, emerging coastal research, and changes to coastal management policy determine the critical issues where training is offered. Participants in the Coastal Training Program include those professionals whose daily decisions impact coastal resources.

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