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Rainwater Harvesting 2011– Moving our Communities toward More Sustainable Water Use

Rainwater Harvesting 2011– Moving our Communities toward More Sustainable Water Use

Tuesday, October 18


9:00am - 4:15pm


Onslow County Multipurpose Complex, Jacksonville, NC


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Coastal communities are starting to think about where tomorrow's water will come from. Will there be enough water to meet the demands of a growing population? How will a changing climate affect water availability? Can we afford the cost of treating water used for non-potable uses?

There are many uses of water that do not require pristine drinking water, such as irrigation, vehicle washing, and toilet flushing. There are many non-traditional sources of water that can meet these needs, including harvested rainwater.

The goal of this workshop is to promote rainwater harvesting as a means of meeting future water demands. The target audience is local government officials, including elected and appointed officials, planners, public works staff, and administrators.

The workshop will:

  • Explain North Carolina’s new rainwater harvesting plumbing codes;
  • Discuss the health risks of using harvested rainwater;
  • Provide an example of how a North Carolina water and sewer authority is metering rainwater for input into their sewer system;
  • Explain the basics of cistern sizing and siting, including lessons learned; 
  • Provide examples of rainwater harvesting at the local scale; and
  • Get feedback from participants on what kind of assistance they need to make rainwater harvesting a reality at their public buildings and/or in their communities.

This is a FREE workshop!

American Institute of Certified Planners (AICP) will receive 6.5 Certification Maintenance (CM) credits for participation.

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